The next time an investigator tells you he can legally “ping” someone’s cell phone to figure out where they are going, run away fast.cell phone pinging.jpg

We’ve written before about the illegality of getting a friendly phone company employee to help out with cell phone tower signal data that helps to locate people. As we wrote in

“TelexFree is already creating MILLIONAIRES and now is YOUR turn.”  So read the now defunct website of TelexFree Inc., which U.S. officials ordered to be taken down earlier this month.  Massachusetts company TelexFree Inc. held itself out as a low-cost internet telephone company.  In reality, its founders were allegedly running a billion dollar global

Now that 60 Minutes has apologized for airing a false eyewitness account of the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, what can investigators, journalists and others who deal in facts learn from the incident, well summarized by the Columbia Journalism Review here?60 minutes benghazi logan.jpg

  1. If something is as easily disprovable as the now-discredited claims

We recently read that one ofJuror Texting.jpg the jurors in the Jodi Arias murder trial had both tweeted at a famed criminal defense attorney and posted a comment about Arias having “Latina blood” on her Facebook page after the jury had convicted Arias but before it had sentenced her.  Stories like this one really highlight the

If we had five dollars for every time someone asked us to get hold of someone’s bank accounts (pretty much always against the law and therefore off-limits), we would have enough money to buy a lovely lunch for two.

Sometimes, people who call us perk up when we inform them that non-profit organizations in the