UK lawmakers recently unveiled a new plan to fight domestic and international corruption within its borders.  From the perspective of investigators tasked with uncovering hidden assets, the most striking piece of this legislation is the plan’s proposed establishment of a central register of beneficial owners of companies.  The plan would also make it a crime

Juliet Bickford, a Virginia news anchor, pleaded guilty to federal tax fraud and money laundering charges on Wednesday in connection with an international fraud scheme orchestrated by her private investigator boyfriend, Theodoros Grontis. 

Money Laundering.jpgCourt Documents allege that Grontis, who ran an investigation company called “Internal Affairs” with a former Toronto police detective and his wife

Anita Collins, an elderly woman working as an accounts payable clerk for the New York Archdiocese, was recently arrested for embezzling funds from the church.  That’s bad news for the archdiocese.  But the real black eye for the church is that the entire experience could have easily been prevented.  Had the church run a simple