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When your defense is that the law allows you to publish garbage without fear of prosecution, one takeaway is simple: the internet is filled with garbage that needs to be well verified before you rely on it.Internet searching

This blog thinks the Ninth Circuit got it right in exonerating Yelp this week from the lawsuit by

In case you thought the background check system relied on by the federal government was pretty much OK despite Edward Snowden’s passing grade, think again.reliable private investigator.jpg

According to the Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general, complaints about investigators filing fraudulent or falsified records have led to 35 cases in fiscal 2013.  There are 65 open and

This blog takes no view on pending legal matters, including The Justice Department’s accusation that the federal government’s largest background checker committed fraud by mass-producing flawed background checks over a period of four years. The Wall Street Journal story is here

We’ve written previously about this contractor, USIS, because this is the company that