Lo and behold, not four days after we wrote our last post on the illegality of obtaining bank records, a postcard appeared in our mailbox promising “statewide bank searches” for under $300.  I was intrigued.  I thought, maybe they know something we don’t and they’ve found a legal way to find banking information. 

bank records illegal.jpgI decided

Each week we receive calls from people, many of them attorneys, asking us if we can obtain bank records as part of our asset searching.  The short answer is, though we probably can obtain Bank Vault.jpgthe records, we absolutely will not.  Obtaining bank records without a court order is illegal, unless they happen to be abandoned

Juliet Bickford, a Virginia news anchor, pleaded guilty to federal tax fraud and money laundering charges on Wednesday in connection with an international fraud scheme orchestrated by her private investigator boyfriend, Theodoros Grontis. 

Money Laundering.jpgCourt Documents allege that Grontis, who ran an investigation company called “Internal Affairs” with a former Toronto police detective and his wife