Well, another day, another email hacking story. This one involves the Bush clan, with reports that a hacker who goes by the name Guccifer accessed private emails and photographs, telephone numbers and addresses sent between members of the Bush family, including both former presidents. Among the data released are catty emails about Bill Clinton, photographs

An entertaining piece in the Wall Street Journal today describes the preferred mobile phone for Japanese philanderers. It’s an older Fujitsu model that the faithful get reconditioned to keep it running for three years and longer. Its main advantage is that you can conceal missed calls and other information from the casual observer, but to

With all the focus on tech IPOs that reward gaming and chatting, it’s nice to see a company dedicated to privacy getting a little of bit of venture cash behind it. With just $1.5 million raised so far, CertiVox is still a tech minnow, but its idea is a solid one: people need to be