An entertaining piece in the Wall Street Journal today describes the preferred mobile phone for Japanese philanderers. It’s an older Fujitsu model that the faithful get reconditioned to keep it running for three years and longer. Its main advantage is that you can conceal missed calls and other information from the casual observer, but to

Two weeks ago, Apple and Google were called to answer growing concerns over privacy practices before Senate lawmakers. Today, executives from both companies responded to questions in a Senate hearing, but did little to alleviate our fears of user tracking.

iphone.jpgThe tracking of smartphones and their users’ activities is a scary thought.  We know that

Apple, Google and Amazon are in the communications business, but their leaders all need to take some courses at Hamburger University to learn how to communicate with their customers.

Any trial lawyer or investigator will tell you that WHEN something happens can be at least as important as the event itself.

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