According to KRQE news in Albuquerque, New Mexico, landscaper Gary Mares was busted for fraud once again.  This time, he solicited landscaping work on Craigslist, collected large sums of money for the jobs upfront, and then never performed the work.  Previously, he was working as a landscaping subcontractor for a legitimate company, Milligan Scapes.  According

Lo and behold, not four days after we wrote our last post on the illegality of obtaining bank records, a postcard appeared in our mailbox promising “statewide bank searches” for under $300.  I was intrigued.  I thought, maybe they know something we don’t and they’ve found a legal way to find banking information. 

bank records illegal.jpgI decided

Each week we receive calls from people, many of them attorneys, asking us if we can obtain bank records as part of our asset searching.  The short answer is, though we probably can obtain Bank Vault.jpgthe records, we absolutely will not.  Obtaining bank records without a court order is illegal, unless they happen to be abandoned

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch, last month, three wealth managers, Eric St-Cyr, Joshua VanDyk and Patrick Poulin were arrested in Miami and charged with money laundering and conspiracy to launder money on behalf of U.S. Clients.  According to the indictment, St-CyrMoney in Handcuff.jpg, VanDyk and Poulin worked together to conceal and launder wealthy

In case you thought the background check system relied on by the federal government was pretty much OK despite Edward Snowden’s passing grade, think again.reliable private investigator.jpg

According to the Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general, complaints about investigators filing fraudulent or falsified records have led to 35 cases in fiscal 2013.  There are 65 open and